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EDIT 4170 Web-Based Lesson

EDIT 4170 Web-Based Lesson

Author: J Hoop
  • Standard(s): Standard 6.3P Create a plan to incorporate adequate rest and sleep into daily routines.
  • Objective(s): After examining journal studies and discussing the relationships between sleep and academic success, the learner will be able to identify steps and come up with a routine that can be used to induce quality sleep.
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Sleep Is Important

One of the most important resources of the human body is sleep. Sleep has many different health benefits that are extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. However, many people within the world do not get enough quality sleep. Please go to and examine the resources and articles that are listed. After you have finished, please complete the quiz and the "Big Idea" question.

“What a Good Night's Sleep Does for the Brain” by

Here is an excellent video by that describes why sleep is important and what the brain does during REM sleep.

Source:, director. What a Good Night's Sleep Does for the Brain. Youtube/What a Good Night's Sleep Does for the Brain,, 30 Oct. 2018,

American Sleep Association Article: “Sleep and Sleep Disorder Statistics”

Click here to go to the article by American Sleep Association that gives statistics about sleep within the United States.

Source: ASA Authors & ReviewersSleep Physician, and American Sleep Association Reviewers. “Sleep Statistics - Data About Sleep and Sleep Disorders.” American Sleep Association, 15 Mar. 2019,

"Why sleep is essential for health" by Medical News Today

Click here to go to the article written by Medical News Today. This article talks about the different benefits of sleep and how much sleep people should get by different age categories.

Source: Fletcher, Jenna. “Why Is Sleep Important? 9 Reasons for Getting a Good Night's Rest.” Medical News Today, MediLexicon International, 31 May 2019,

Big Idea Question

Click here to go to the "Big Idea'" question. Be sure to complete this after looking through every resource and completing the quiz.