EDIT 4170 Web lesson

EDIT 4170 Web lesson

Author: mark addis

PS1.A: Structure and properties of matter: matter of any type can be subdivided into particles that are too small to see, but even the matter still exists and can be detected by other means. A model shows that gases are made from matter particles that are too small to see and are moving freely around in space can explain many observations, including the inflation and shape of a balloon and the effects of air on larger particles or objects.

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Matter and Gases


Is there matter inside a balloon, even though you can't see it? Explain.

DIRECTIONS: Students will be given a balloon to blow up and to examine. Students will use a piece of paper and write down their explanation on if there is matter inside of the balloon. They will find their information from using credible sources. 

States of Matter

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Looking for Gases

Looking for gases. CLICK HERE

Source: Looking for gases.http://www.chem4kids.com/files/matter_gas.html. Web. Retrieved July 27, 2016


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