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Editing Promethean Flipcharts

Editing Promethean Flipcharts


SMART Objective #1: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to edit and add text on a provided flipchart in ActivInspire.

SMART Objective #2: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to delete images and add new images from the resource library in ActivInspire on a provided flipchart and from an outside source such as Britannica ImageQuest.

This lesson will show students/teachers how to edit flipcharts in ActivInspire to make them more effective for their classroom.

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to add and edit text and images on Promethean flipcharts.

Source: Created by Denise Dalrymple using Sophia Screencast. Flipchart downloaded from Promethean Planet - created by Candice Benoit.

Practice (before you come to class)

Download the Bad Flipchart Example from our Edmodo Group Assignment "Editing Flipchart Practice". Your mission is to edit the text in the flipchart so that it is easily readable, add a new textbox with "Fish" as the category, and add the picture of a fish. Also, choose one of the pictures already on the flipchart and change it (i.e. if you choose the bird, change it to another bird). 

When finished, turn in the edited flipchart to the Edmodo Assignment "Editing Flipchart Practice" with an explanation of what you did to change it and any questions/problems you had with the process.


Now you're going to fly solo! Go to Promethean Planet and download a flipchart that can be used in an upcoming lesson for your class. Edit the text to add/delete/change information within the flipchart so it better meets the objectives you will be teaching or is easier to read for students. 

Then add or change images within the flipchart. *Be sure to cite your sources if not from the ActivInspire resource library.

When finished, do a file/save as and add "Edited" to the original title. Upload both flipcharts to our Edmodo Assignment "Editing Flipcharts Assessment" with an explanation of how you edited the flipcharts.