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Edline Quiz

Edline Quiz

Author: Jessica Shoja
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How to Make a Multiple Choice Quiz on Edline and Sync to Gradebook

Helpful Tips for Quizzes:
• Select Yes to synchronize the grade on the quiz/assignment to the gradebook. Setting this field to Yes will cause the grade for any submitted document to be entered into the gradebook when the gradebooks are opened. The column will be created automatically before any grades are uploaded and it will be locked, so the teacher will not be able to manually alter grades in the gradebook for this item.
• If the teacher needs to enter a grade manually, such as when a student is exempted or a grade is adjusted, change Sync with gradebook to No. This setting is generally done after submissions are turned off and the last of the submitted responses have been uploaded to the gradebook. Once the sync function is turned off, the column is unlocked and the teacher may alter grades or enter codes. It is advisable not to turn the sync function back on.
• Select Yes in the Required Field? to mark the question as required. The user will not be able to submit the quiz until the question has been answered.
• Teachers can review and edit until the quiz is sent to students.
• Click “Allow Submissions” to send the quiz to students.