Author: Dannie Young


Question 1 of 106.0/ 6.0 Points NIMS provides and promotes _____________, which fosters more effective communications among agencies and organizations responding together to an incident.
Question 2 of 106.0/ 6.0 Points Operations has the task of translating strategic objectives into specific. Ans. C. measurable tactical objectives
Question 3 of 106.0/ 6.0 Points The inherent flexibility provided by the NIMS framework facilitates scalability of emergency management and incident response activities. NIMS also provides the flexibility for unique implementation in specified areas around the nation.
Question 4 of 106.0/ 6.0 Points______________ are the means for one jurisdiction to provide resources, facilities, services, and other required support to another jurisdiction during an incident 
Question 5 of 106.0/ 6.0 Points Responsibility for the establishment and expansion of the ICS modular organization ultimately rests with the. 
Question 6 of 1010.0/ 10.0 Points In a paragraph, describe and explain the Incident Command System.
Question 7 of 1010.0/ 10.0 Points Name and describe the five functional areas of ICS and list their primary responsibilities.
Question 8 of 1010.0/ 10.0 Points Describe the key components of an incident action plan.
Question 9 of 1010.0/ 10.0 Points List at least 5 duties of the Incident Commander (IC) or the Unified Command (UC).
Question 10 of 1030.0/ 30.0 Points For the last question set up and diagram an Incident Command System for the following scenario. Define all the roles and responsibilities for each function area that would be included in this scenario. 

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