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Edmodo and Sophia Work Together

Edmodo and Sophia Work Together

Author: Sherri Aragon

Research on Sophia to find out pros and cons of using this learning management system and how it compares to Edmodo.


Sophia. org is a social education platform that empowers students to learn in their own way, helps teachers to innovate and puts college students on a path to a lower-cost degree. The free site offers more than 32,000 academic multimedia tutorials taught by over 6,000 teachers using a unique Many Ways to Learn model where each concept is taught by multiple teachers so students can choose a teaching style that works best for them. The site further enhances the learning process by offering quizzes, assessing learning preferences and providing sequenced learning pathways. SOPHIA also provides free teacher certification programs about the flipped classroom and using tablets in the classroom.This learning management system is useful for older students from middle school to college years.  


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How To Take Learning Further

This video explains how Sophia reaches students in new ways. It benefits, teachers, students and parents. This video also talks about Flipped Learning.

Why Use Edmodo?

This video outlines all the reason to use Edmodo.

Edmodo and Sophia Final Thought!