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Author: Courtney Durvesh
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Edpuzzle is an online platform where students can complete lessons through video. Edpuzzle aligns nicely with Google Classroom.

The teacher can either use a video from YouTube or upload a created video. Once a video is selected the teacher can then add questions or comments throughout the video. When these questions or comments pop up, the video pauses, allowing time for the student to read. Once the student read the comment or answers the question, they select continue and the video will resume.

Example of a comment:

Example of a Question:

The question can be multiple choice (T/F), or open-ended. Edpuzzle will automatically grade the multiple choice answers, but leave the open-ended ungraded. Teachers are able to also comment on open-ended answers, giving students private feedback.

The teacher can see the progress of the students, whether they have completed the assignment, or haven't even started watching the video.

This program provides students the ability to complete assignments at their own pace and not feel rushed by their classmates. Teachers are able to move around the classroom, answering individual questions. Some teachers prefer this over showing the video to an entire class because of the flexibility it provides the students and students answering questions doesn't take their focus away from the rest of the video.

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