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Educational "Techno" Ice Breakers

Educational "Techno" Ice Breakers

Author: Joseph Smith

Effective implementation of icebreakers in regards to an educational environment can be a little more complex than that of a business setting. Children seem to need more of a “push” in regards to breaking down the barriers of getting to know their strengths and weaknesses. This packet attempts to give examples of icebreakers educators can use to relax their students and enhance their ability to work with others in order meet the goals set by the educator.

Educational ice breakers  are usually used at the beginning of classroom sessions to begin on a positive note. Some educators begin with a simple stretching exercise to get warmed up. At other times, these activities may be introduced to ‘recharge’ students' energy if it seems to be low. Even when students are interested and concerned about the subject being covered, they can get tired, sleepy, and become unengaged. This packet enables educators to  give the students a quick break and may add some humor, contributing to a positive group spirit and learning environment.

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The benefit of learning the name of each student should be obvious. Not only does it represent respect towards each other, it ensures smoother interactions in the future. Likewise, mining for interesting facts about students not only has the advantage of reinforcing their life experiences as vital but also of refining educators on their background. The more you know about a student, the more you can anticipate their needs in the classroom.  


Why is this resource important?

This resource can be used on almost any educational level!!

This resource is vital because it enables strong rapports to arise between educators and students. It also serves as a foundation for students to build rapports with one another as well. Students will discover things they may have in common or vice versa. Overall, it assists participants in the process of getting to know each other.


This video segment describes a fun ice breaker that can be used in any learning environment.

Source: Moving Beyond Ice Breakers


In conclusion, icebreakers allow those who are sensitive to the power and political dynamics of the room to take stock and settle in. If there is an extreme power differential within the group, the icebreaker acts to level this differential and promote future productive conflict instead of destructive conflict. This may seem minor, but it can be detrimental to a classroom environment if not addressed properly.