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Educational Tools in Technology

Educational Tools in Technology

Author: Amber Coleman

The learner will see how to use the program Photostory in order to create a digital storyboard for their fictional based story.

This tutorial is to show and give examples of how to use the program Photostory in order to complete projects in the future. This is also a great way for the students to become aquatinted with the software. 

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How to Make a Photo Story Project

Use this PowerPoint to guide you in creating your Photo Story. Please watch Video 1 (when prompted in the PowerPoint) as well as Video 2. These videos will be uploaded to the main tutorial page.

Video 1

This video demonstrates how to upload pictures into the Photo Story program.

Video 2

This video demonstrates how to save your Photo Story.

Example Photostory

This video is an example Photostory on Louisiana's natural regions. This is just an example. Please use this example to guide you in making your own Photostory project.