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Effect of Alcohol and Drugs on Behavior

Effect of Alcohol and Drugs on Behavior

Author: addie hall

Standard 1.9A for 9-12th grade: Explain the impact of alcohol and drugs on vehicle crashes, injuries, violence, and risky sexual behavior.

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Risky Behavior- book exerpt 

This link will take you to a text-rich website that goes into scientific detail about risky behavior, what promotes it, and why it is important to realize what it is. 

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The Big Question

Please write your short answer on a separate piece of paper to be turned in during class on Monday. 

Choose one behavior, (drunk driving, doing drugs, engaging is risky sexual behavior) define it, and explain the risk factors of the activity, the prevalence, and what you as a high school student can do to prevent the activity from happening at your school or in your neighborhood.