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Effects of Aging on Your Body

Effects of Aging on Your Body


This lesson will look at how the human body changes over time as a person ages as well as identify factors that can affect the aging process.

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Terms to Know
Alzheimer’s Disease

A form of dementia that is caused by a degeneration of neurons and synapses of the cerebral cortex that causes memory loss and other complications as the disease progresses.


Referred to as “male menopause”, andropause is when testosterone levels, libido and fertility decline with age; however males are still able to conceive a child (unlike women).


The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen is a large fibrous structural protein found in many connective tissues.


A thinner, “stringier” protein than collagen, elastin allows tissues to be stretched when pressure is applied to them and resume their shape once pressure is relieved.


The cessation of menstrual cycles in females that marks the end of her fertility.


The technical term for aging.