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Egg Drop

Egg Drop

Author: Jason Fritz

You are going to be a participant in the Great Egg Drop! Your job is to design and create a container that will protect a raw egg dropped from a height of approximately 12.75 meters. There will be some time to work on the container in class, but the majority of the construction should be done at home. Please do not use glass or any liquid other than water for the construction of your container.


1.  Identify Problem

What is the goal of the activity?
Can you imagine how someone could use what you're going to design? How would it help them?
Are there any special requirements for the activity? For example, are you only allowed to use certain types of materials?
How will you know if you've been successful?


2.  Brainstorm

What are some ways you can start tackling today's challenge?
How many different ideas can you come up with? 
Where did you get some of your ideas for your container?
What were some of your ideas for your container?
What materials will you be using?


3.  Design

What goals are you trying to achieve?
Why did you choose your design? (Over your other ideas)
Explain the different parts of your container and their function


4.  Build

Where and when did you make your 1st container?
Did anyone help you to build your container?
What were some of the challenges you faced as you built your container?
After you built your container…did it match your design?


5.  Test and Evaluate  (cover testing of all containers/changes made)

What did you do to test your container?
How did the container do during testing?
Evaluate how your different container designs preformed


6.  Redesign

What changes did you make to your container after it had been tested?
Why did you make any changes?


7.  Share Solution

What do you think is the best feature of your design? Why?
What were the different steps you had to do to get your project to work the way you wanted?
What steps of the design process helped you the most?
What did you learn from watching other kids?
What are some things everyone's designs have in common?
Who might use what you've designed, and how would it help them?
If you had more time, how could you improve your design?

Identify a common engineered system and evaluate its impact on the daily life of humans.

Recognize that there is no perfect design and that new technologies have consequences that may increase some risks and decrease others.

Describe the trade-offs in using manufactured products in terms of features, performance, durability and cost.

Explain the importance of learning from past failures, in order to inform future designs of similar products or systems.

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The Engineering Design Process

Use the "Design Process" to create the best Egg Drop project possible.


Source: Design Squad

Egg Drop Project Directions

Directions for both the "Egg Drop Apparatus" as well as the "Egg Drop Report"


Egg Drop Calendar


How to Create an Egg Drop Report


Click on the image to go the the 

"How to Create an Egg Drop Report" tutorial.

Source: Mr. Fritz Science

Egg Drop Vocabulary Tutorial

           Click on the image to go to the "Egg Drop Vocabulary" tutorial

Egg Drop Site Photos

Click on the link to sign onto Google Collab. You can use your class' photo for Section 4: Drop Site Photo for your report.

Egg Drop Results "How to Find the Percent of Survivors"

Click on the image to go to the "How to Find the Percent of Survivors" tutorial

Egg Drop Movies 2017

Click on the image to see this year's movies.

Egg Drop: INSANITY Level 5

The container must be built from smaller pieces (craft sticks or other materials that you would have to build …no cardboard boxes (or any other boxes or pre-made structures as the main structure)
No Parachute…(must fall at full speed…must hit the ground in under 2 seconds)!
Mass of container must be between 500g – 1500g
•Must fit through a 50cm diameter hoop when turned at all angles, including diagonals!
No balloons of any kind!
No padding material (Think alternative ways to keep egg alive with out the aid of padding…..crumple zones and other creative ideas other than wrapping your egg with packaging materials)!
Minimum of 4 different materials are required (wood, cardboard, plastic, cloth, etc.)

Source: photo from mike beganyi design and consulting, llc

Car crash in slow motion

Shows the impact of a crumple zone.

Car crash in slow motion - Smart Car

Shows the importance of a crumple zone

Car crash in slow motion - Ford Mustang

Shows the importance of a crumple zone

Volvo XC60: Crumple Zones

See how the 2010 Volvo XC60 is designed to react to an accident and prevent occupant injury.

How can this information help you on your Egg Drop Apparatus?

Source: VolvoXC60

The Physics of Seat Belts

Until 1966, car seat belts only crossed over a passenger's lap. All that changed when a VIP dummy got behind the wheel and into the history books.

How can seat belts help your egg survive?

Source: Smithsonian Channel

Egg Drop out of Apt. Building Window #1

Shows how a parachute can work for Egg Drop project.

Egg Drop out of Apt. Building Window #2

Shows how a parachute can work for Egg Drop project.

Egg Drop Project Design

A possible design idea for your egg drop.

Mars Rover Landing - Crumple Zone Example

Student Made Egg Drop Video 2012-2013

Student Made Egg Drop Video of the Day of the Drop

Egg Test Drop Observations

For each test drop document your results on the following page.


Myth Buster Egg Drop

Source: Myth Buster/Youtube

Egg Drop Class Movies 2016

Click on the link to sign into Google Collab. You can then view your class' and other  class' movies from the final Egg Drop Day recorded by your classmates. 

Egg Drop Video from Period 1

2014/2015 school year at BHMS.

Egg Drop Video from Period 2

2014/2015 school year at BHMS.

Egg Drop Video from Period 4

2014/2015 school year at BHMS.

Egg Drop Video from Period 5

2014/2015 school year at BHMS.

Egg Drop Video Period 6

2014/2015 school year at BHMS.

Period 1 Egg Drop 2012-2013

Period 2 Egg Drop 2012-2013

Period 4 Egg Drop 2012-2013

Egg Drop Physics


Splat Calculator Link

Clicking on the picture will take you to a calculator that calculates how fast you're moving after falling a certain distance---your free fall speed. It ignores friction (air, rock, rope, or otherwise) and relativistic effects. 

If you fill in the height, you'll get the time and speed at the end of your fall. If you're kind enough to supply your mass, you'll also get the energy in joules (newton-meters) when you hit the deck. 

note: this link takes you to an independent website that may have advertisements.