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Author: Russell Ewick

Research on Ancient Egypt

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Research on Egypt

Goal: I will be able to write a 5-7 page research paper that meets or exceeds the standards at the bottom of this document.

RESEARCH- three topics of your choice-(See choice board) (DUE December 7) (50 points)

·You must utilize print resources from our class library, school library or outside print sources that you can cite.

·You will be able to research your topic from a list of sites provided by your teacher.

oEACH topic must have at least 5 different sources before you begin writing. Two of those sources MUST be from books.

NOTETAKING SKILLS (Due December 7) (50 points)

·Use 3x5 cards; there should be one fact or idea per card this way, related ideas from different sources can be easily grouped together.

oCITATIONS- be sure to cite all sources, including the volume and page number. IF you copy something directly from the book, put quotations around it to avoid plagiarism.

oYou may bullet information on the 3x5 cards, but make sure that it makes sense!

OUTLINE and organize (DUE December 9) Office 365 –(20 points)

oAfter you have completed and sorted your cards into related topics, you will type and outline that will guide you through the writing process

Rough DRAFT- (DUE December 11) Office 365 (30 points)

oThe rough draft will be approximately 3-4 pages long.

oTopics will have been organized and written in clear coherent sentences that are IN YOUR OWN WORDS, unless you quote a source.

oEach topic will have at least 2 pictures (don't forget to cite your pictures!)

FINAL DRAFT- 5-7 pages (DUE December 18) Office 365 (50 points)

oYour final draft will include a title page, body of the report with three well-written topics, and a citations page. You should have at least 15 citations.

oYou will create a cover page with hieroglyphics!

oCitations must be in alphabetical order done correctly using APA format. You may use Citation Machine to help you with formatting.

·SWAY-IF you meet all of the deadlines and complete your paper ON TIME-, you may create a SWAY that highlights the best part of your research. Here you will have a chance to be a multimedia expert and show what you know!

Dear __________________,

I am going to be working on a research project about Egypt until the winter break. It is my responsibility to complete this work in class. The only help that I will need from you is to initial DUE DATES, and look over what I have completed. Although I would appreciate your help, this is my first BIG project, so I would like to create a document that I am proud of and can share with others. I need to be very disciplined to meet CEL6 W10- writing for an extended period of time. This means, I will do 100% of my research and typing AT SCHOOL. This project is worth 200 points!


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