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El aeropuerto

El aeropuerto

Author: Sarah Rodenhi

1.  Students will be able to navigate through an airport in a Spanish-speaking country: buy a ticket, read a boarding pass, check in luggage, pass through security and passport control, ask for directions to terminal, answer questions for airport employees.

2.  Students will be able to act an airport employee and ask questions in regards to luggage, passports, give directions.


This tutorial introduces students to several situations that occur within an airport (as a passenger and employee).  The vocabulary introduced should be practiced and memorized so that students may use it in the necessary situations.

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En el aeropuerto

This PowerPoint introduces airport related vocabulary.

Source: Created by Sarah Rodenhi on PowerPoint

La lista del aeropuerto

Vocabulary list


Source: Created by Seri/Rodenhi on Microsoft Word