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El Dia de Los Muertos: 5 Computers: Making Calaveras

El Dia de Los Muertos: 5 Computers: Making Calaveras

Author: Maria Perez

El Dia de Los Muertos: 5 Computers

Making Calaveras

3 days of 50 minutes each class.


The objective of this lesson is for the students to learn about the great celebration called El Dia de Los Muertos. As a result of this lesson, students will be able to explain how Día de los Muertos is celebrated, including what it means to create an altar, to learn about the calavera folk art, rhymes and other rituals that go with celebrating El Dia de Los Muertos. Students will design a calavera using Prezi.


Content standards:


Foreign Languages


Stage 1

1.0 Students acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints, and further their knowledge of other disciplines.


Stage III

3.0 Students acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints, and further   their knowledge of other disciplines.

3.1 Students address concrete and factual topics related to the immediate and external environment, including:

a. Social norms

b. Historical and cultural figures, stereotypes

c. Animals and their habitats

d. Community issues, current events

e. Origins of rites of passage, social and regional customs

f. Environmental concerns

g. Media, Internet, television, radio, film

h. Cultural, historical, and geographic aspects of travel

i. Curricular and extracurricular subjects

j. Significant historical events

k. Careers and future plans

l. Nutrition, fitness, and health

m. Geographically and culturally appropriate clothing

n. Cultural differences in health care

o. Effects of technology on the modern world



Stage I

1.0 Students use formulaic language (learned words, signs [ASL], and phrases).

1.1 Engage in oral, written, or signed (ASL) conversations.

1.2 Interpret written, spoken, or signed (ASL) language.

1.3 Present to an audience of listeners, readers, or ASL viewers.



1.4 List, name, identify, and enumerate.

1.5 Identify learned words, signs (ASL), and phrases in authentic texts.

1.6 Reproduce and present a written, oral, or signed (ASL) product in a culturally

authentic way.



Stage I

1.0 Students use appropriate responses to rehearsed cultural situations.

1.1 Associate products, practices, and perspectives with the target culture.

1.2 Recognize similarities and differences in the target cultures and between students’ own cultures.

1.3 Identify cultural borrowings



Day 1

Students will first watch a YouTube video about the celebration of El Dia de Los Muertos. The video will be projected onto a screen. After watching the video, the class will discuss and collaborate about the history of this great celebration. Students will talk about what they would need to create a "calavera" which is mexican folk art.The students will research and report on their findings about how to create the calavera. The calavera will be a picture drawn on the computer using Prezi.

Once they decide on how they will draw their calavera and what they will name it, each table group will spend the remaining time brainstorming on colors, design and decorations.

Day 2

There are 25 students. I will make 5 groups of 5. I have 3 computers and 2 IPADs.I will create 5 stations allowing each group to spend 8 minutes at each station with the last 10 minutes set aside for final touches to their project.

Table 1:Computer

Table 2: 1 Computer

Table 3: 1 Computer

Table 4: 1 IPAD

Table 5: 1 IPAD

The last 10 minutes will be spent bringing their research, pictures, and ideas together to create mexican folk art, "calavera" with color, and decorations.

Day 3

The entire class will spend their first 10 minutes of class finishing up the final touches for their projects. After, each table group will present their projects to the class. El Dia de Los Muertos folk art, calaveras.

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Feasts - Mexico 3 of 3 - BBC Culture Documentary - Dia de los Muertos .

The video gives the history and the details regarding this great celebration of El Dia de Los Muertos.

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