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El imperfecto (The Imperfect Tense)

El imperfecto (The Imperfect Tense)

Author: Melissa Schenck

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To learn how to talk/write about actions that you and others habitually USED TO DO in the past.

(This same tense is also used to describe actions that WERE going on when narrating in the past).

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We've already learned about one type of past tense (the preterit) which was used to describe events that happened once and/or are over and done with.

The imperfect tense is also a type of past tense, but it is used to say things that you USED TO DO or things that USED TO HAPPEN, how you and other things USED TO BE like, things you USED TO HAVE or LIKE, etc.  when you WERE younger/a kid or when you WERE A CERTAIN AGE. Think "Back in my day....." + USED TO.

(It can also be used to say what WAS HAPPENING/GOING ON at a certain point when narrating a story.......)

Certain phrases like SIEMPRE, A MENUDO, A VECES, DE VEZ EN CUANDO, NUNCA, TODOS LOS __days, months,etc.___, CADA SEMANA (or day, month, year) are really important for this tense.

There are two sets of endings and only three irregulars! YAY!  For SER, think "In an ERA long ago, this is how things USED TO BE".

As for IR, I always say that it looks like AR and ER/IR verbs had a baby :-) DO NOT PUT "IBA" as an ENDING for ER/IR verbs!!!!!!


***In the tutorial, she does make a couple of errors. If you wanted to say that your pet WAS NAMED/CALLED you would say SE LLAMABA.  

The secret phrase this time is "Me gustaba coleccionar los cromos de Pokemon" (Cromos = trading cards, and yes, sadly it's true....). This phrase only works if you also did the tutorial!

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Imperfect Video PART 1

It cuts off in the last part of the irregular verb SER. You'll find that in the second video, where she also gives some ser examples.

Two possible mistakes that she makes: Se LLAMA for a name of a past pet (should be SE LLAMABA)
Also, she calls "accents" "tildes"... Please call them accents.

It might be a good idea to write down some of the sentences that you see here in your notes so that you have the endings AND vocab that we will do in context all in one place. She does give a lot of examples though, so if you get it after writing down a few examples, just copy down new words/important phrases. You don´t have to watch every example either if you don´t need to.

Source: YouTube/ SpanishDict

Imperfect Video PART 2

This is part 2 of the video above. I would write down a couple of the ser sentences for your own benefit.

You can also take her up on her extra help at the end of the video!!! :-D

Source: YouTube/ SpanishDict

El imperfecto (The Imperfect Tense) FORM

Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability. You should also take notes while watching the video.

Source: melissa schenck/google drive