El Metodo Cientifico

El Metodo Cientifico


This lesson will introduce the scientific method and explain how to use the scientific method to gather data and help set up an experiment.

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Esta lección es sobre el método científico. Explica los pasos del método científico, y cómo se utiliza el método científico.


(0:00-1:12) Scientific Method Overview

(1:13-2:04) Step 1: Observe and Step 2: Ask a Question

(2:05-3:17) Step 3: Form a Hypothesis and Step 4: Make a Prediction

(3:18-5:31) Step 5: Test Prediction  

(5:32-6:38) Step 6: Repeat or Make New Tests and Step 7: Analyze and Report Results

(6:39-7:41) Scientific Theories


  • Scientific Method

    A series of steps scientists can use as a guideline to solve a problem or examine a phenomenon.

  • Experiment

    A test set up to explain a phenomenon.

  • Scientific Theory

    An explanation of an observation that has been rigorously tested.

  • Variable

    A factor in an experiment that can be changed or manipulated.

  • Hypothesis

    An educated guess or explanation of a phenomenon.