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Author: Jim Vaughn

Prepare ourselves for Presentation Day by completing different MINI-Projects.

Learn how to talk about free time and how we spend it.

Review all that we have learned so far in Spanish 1ntro.

This tutorial is for the last weeks of Spanish 1ntro. It is intended to culminate all of the work we have done in the previous term before the send-off to their next elective course.

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Tabla de Actividades: Complete 3 and Present your Best 1

Source: Cerebro de Sr. Vaughn

Hoja de Vocabulario: Weekly Homework for Week of 1-6-14

Complete this handout as you view the video. Complete it all and come with questions on Thursday.


VIDEO 1: EL OCIO Y TIEMPO LIBERE/ Free and Leisure Time

Watch the video and complete the first W,S,Q, sheet. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward as needed.

Video 2: Talk about what you like to do in SPANISH

Don Jaime explains how to talk about what you like to do in Spanish...

1) Learn how to say you like to do something.
2) Say what you like to do the most.