El Tiempo Pasado

El Tiempo Pasado

Author: Shawn Adkins

Students will be able to describe events that occur in the past by writing a 4 paragraph essay

Students will be able to talk about events that happened in the past to other students

Students will be able to watch a videos and answer questions about the video and write about the happenings

Students will be able to read a story and/or an article and explain to others, who haven't read it, what is was about

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Regular Pretérito Formation

Video en la formación del pretérito regular

Source: Señor Adkins educreations

Regular Pretérito Google Form

Here is a form to follow up with the notes on Regular Pretérito

Source: Señor Adkins google form

Irregular Preterite Formation

This presentation is on the formation of irregular preterite verbs in Spanish.

Source: Señor Adkins