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ELA Unit Plan in LMS

ELA Unit Plan in LMS

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Standard: CCSS ELA. L3.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

This unit plan outlines desired outcomes, acceptable evidence, and learning activities for a 3rd grade reading unit for ELL students about prefixes and suffixes.

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CCSS ELA. L3.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

Big Ideas

Prefixes and suffixes can be attached to words to change meaning. 

Prefixes and suffixes have their own meanings that change the definitions of words in a similar way.

Knowledge and Skills

Students will know common prefixes and suffixes and their meanings.

Students will know that not all prefixes and suffixes can be added to create real words.

Students will be able to infer the meaning of a word based on its root and prefix or suffix.

Students will be able to explain how a prefix or suffix changes the meaning of a word.


Weekly affix quiz: Students match five definitions to their corresponding words with an affix attached.

Daily Homework:  Worksheet with a new root/base word with proper and improper prefixes and suffixes

Learning Plan

Group Discussion: As a class, discuss words that are used to describe people, such as artistic, poetic, excitable, memorable, unhappy, unafraid, etc. Point out the base words in each (art, music, poem, etc.).  Prompt students to talk about people they know with these qualities, and how the words are similar/different from the base words.

Digital Flashcards: In pairs, students use a tablet to play a word game called Rooty and His Word Hunt.  The game presents a root word and its meaning and then attaches a prefix or suffix.  Partners will test each other on identifying the meanings of words with an affix. 

Word Builder:  On their tablets, students build words using the Word Builder app.  The app allows students to build new words by attaching prefixes and/or suffixes to a base word.  The app tells the students if the words they create are Standard English words or not.  Students record as many accepted words as possible and add them to the classroom Word Wall.

Writing Activity:  Using new words from the Word Wall, students write an original story correctly using at least five words containing a prefix or suffix.  Students then type their stories in a word processing application.

Illustrations:  Using SketchPads, an online art program, students illustrate their stories.  For each of the five words chosen as examples of prefixes and suffixes, students will create a drawing to depict the meaning of the word.   Students can choose to read their stories or display their illustrations to a classmate or the group.