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Electronic Configuration

Electronic Configuration

Author: Dr Wainwright

Know the electron configurations of atoms and ions up to Z = 36 in terms of levels and sub-levels (orbitals) s, p and d

How to write electronic configurations for AQA AS Chemistry

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Use the resources below to prepare a page of A4 notes on electronic configuration.

Ed Ted Lesson

Click on the link and then watch the video. You then need to click on the 'think' link next to the video.

E Rintouls Video

From 5.30 onwards. Lengthy but comprehensive.

Khan Academy Videos

More detailed videos can be found at the Khan academy website:


Practice your skills

Complete the multiple choice quiz here:

Use this game to practice matching ions and atoms with their electronic configurations. Click on the link then choose valence electrons from the game menu. You can also practice the isoelectronic game.