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Electronic Music (week one)

Electronic Music (week one)

Author: Amanda Holley

The objective of this unit will be for members of the class to collaborate and produce their own electronic music.

This will be a ten week music unit for secondary school music, in align with standards for QLD Australia. This unit will cover all the vital components of a unit. This site will operate as a resource centre for the students and for teacher - student communication.

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Introduction: Week One

This term in music we will be taking a closer look at popular music which heavily relies on the use of music technology or electronic sources of sound.


The definition of electronic music as defined by Wikipedia 2013 states: 'Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production.'


Your first task is to, in groups, define what you think electronic music means in terms of your knowledge of the genre.

Worksheet One

Fill this worksheet out in small groups, except the 'What have I learnt box' - this will be filled out once we have had a class discussion.


Source: Amanda Holley

Hermitude - Flume Remix (Week One)

Hermitude is an Australian Hip Hop group from New South Wales. Their music is considered electronic. Why do you think that is so?

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A Quick Introduction to the Studio (Week One)

This should serve as a quick introduction to the recording studio.

The History of the Auto - Tune Effect (Week One)

The audio processor Auto-Tune alters pitch of a vocal or instrumental line in a music recording or live performances through use of a phase vocoder. The effect was manufactured by Antares Audio Technologies. Originally it was created to correct off-key notes allowing a vocal line to be faultlessly tuned, even though it was originally recorded slightly out of pitch.
Auto-Tune bends the pitches slightly to its nearest semi-tone. The effect can also be used to distort the human voice when pitch is increased or decreased vastly. 

Cher - Believe (Week One)

This was the first commerical recording to use the Auto-Tune Effect.