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Element 3: Curating Content

Element 3: Curating Content

Author: Heather Cox

Develop a greater understanding of how to find quality, instructionally beneficial resources for use with digital education.

This tutorial is the third level in Personalized PD preparation for the Dolvin Elementary School staff.

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Element 3: To Do List

Element 3: Content Curation To-Do List

~ Read the article: Content Curation Primer

~ Watch the videos/tutorials for Safari Montage, Graphite, & Blendspace

~ Answer the QUESTION at the bottom of the page

~ Complete the QUIZ at the top right of the page

~ Refer to your EVIDENCE OF MASTERY page for Element 3

Safari Montage


Teachers, Meet Graphite

"Common Sense Education welcomes you to Graphite, a platform we created to make it easier for educators to find the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom."

Graphite - App Flows

"App Flows are a customizable framework, which redefines the traditional lesson plan to integrate digital tools and content with pedagogical insight."

Getting Started with Blendspace

Please read/scroll through the linked document below to better understand using Blendspace in the classroom.

About Blendspace Handout  



Using Symbaloo in Education

Curating Quality Digital Content

"With an abundance of information to sift through, content curation is an important survival skill for teachers and students today.

Content curation is a method of collecting and managing web content for sharing and reuse. With so much content to collect, and so many free tools for curating content, it’s easy to get lost when trying to take on this task. It’s also difficult to know where to begin."

~ Susan Oxnevad

Your contact for this tutorial is Renee Morris or Emily Davis, but you may get help/support from anyone!