Element 4: Creation vs. Consumption

Element 4: Creation vs. Consumption

Author: Heather Cox
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Element 4: To-Do List

Element 4: Creation vs. Consumption To-Do List

~ READ the article Creation vs. Consumption: Finding the Perfect Balance

~ WATCH the TouchCast video for examples and definition of Creation verses Consumption in the classroom.

~ Browse the different PRODUCT examples for creation. These were all made by Dolvin students. 

~ Answer the QUESTION at the bottom of the page

~ Complete the QUIZ at the top right of the page

~ Refer to your EVIDENCE OF MASTERY page for Element 4

Creation vs. Consumption


Educreations: Sea Turtle - Sophia

First Grade

Thinglink: Image One or Image Two

Second Grade

iMovie - Adjectives & Adverbs

Fifth Grade



Before publicly sharing ANY of the student creations, be sure that you have read and understand all of the laws and regulations found in Tutorial 5: Publishing and Sharing


Your contact for this tutorial is Renee Morris or Megan Endicott but you may get help/support from anyone!