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Element 4:  Creation vs. Consumption

Element 4: Creation vs. Consumption

Author: Kati Searcy
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Creation vs. Consumption To-Do List

READ the article "Creation vs. Consumption: Finding the Perfect Balance"

BROWSE the different PRODUCT examples for creation. These were all made by Kati Searcy's students. 

Have your students create a product to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum. Choose from:

  • Tellagami (with parental permission only)
  • Chatterpix
  • Thinglink
  • Doink Green Screen
  • Video app on the iPad
  • iMovie
  • Educreations
  • SeeSaw

SHOW the product to Kati.  If you upload it as part of Element 5, you can send the link to the product and it will show mastery for Element 4 and 5.

Answer the QUESTION at the bottom of the page

Complete the QUIZ at the top right of the page

Your contact for this Element is Kati Searcy.

Note:  In Module 5, you are going to take student-created content and upload it to the Internet.  Learn in Module 5, upload the work, and then just send the link to view your students' creation(s).  That will count for Module 4 and 5.  

5th grade - Civil War - Students wrote lyrics to demonstrate learning.

3rd grade American Hero Vignettes

1st grade - Underground Railroad - Students wrote play.

In the box below, type your name, grade level, and list what your students created.  Schedule a time with Kati to show an example of a student creation.