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Element 5:  Publishing and Sharing

Element 5: Publishing and Sharing

Author: Kati Searcy
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Element 5: Publishing and Sharing TO DO LIST

1. Gain an understanding of publishing/sharing student content on the Internet by VISITING the three sites listed below under "Publishing and Sharing." 

2.  VISIT PADLET.COM to learn how to use this tool to allow students to post pictures, documents, videos, comments to share with others.

3.  VISIT THE VIMEO SITES to learn how to upload and share student-created videos.

4.  Answer the QUESTION the bottom of the page

5.  Take the QUIZ at the top right of the page.

6.  Upload one of your student-created products to the Internet.  Share the link.

Publishing and Sharing

Internet Laws and Regulations
Before publishing or sharing student content on the Internet, it is ESSENTIAL that you have a general understanding of these three laws regarding student information and online use. Please visit each site and read about these laws.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Children's Internet Protection Act
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act


Padlet is an interactive bulletin board that allows students to post pictures, documents, videos, comments, etc. and share with others.

Visit the FEATURES page on for more videos on how to use it!

Sharing Movies ~ VIMEO

Please share the link to one of your student-created products. You can use Padlet, Vimeo, SeeSaw, YouTube, or any other tool with which you are comfortable.  Kati Searcy is your contact person for this module.