Element Exploration

Element Exploration

Author: Obadiah Groft

Become familiar with the chemical elements through interactive, group, and individual learning. 

Students will search out the elements of the periodic table and work together to organize them. 

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Chemistry is something that the typical high school student hasn't seen before. It does have a math basis, but for the most part, it is foreign knowledge. Therefore, similar to learning a foreign language, the first step is to know the alphabet. For chemistry, the alphabet is the periodic table of elements. In the high school setting, it is only necessary for the students to around 40 or so elements. To facilitate this learning in a fun way, I will set up a Scavenger Hunt for the Elements.

They will click on the link given in the next section. This will take them to a Padlet Wall where they will have a video link of Tom Lehrer's Element Song (which they should have watched before class), links to their own Padlet walls that each team will use, and the Homework Instructions.

Classwork Instructions: 

  • The 40 or so elements will be placed around the room: shelves, drawers, ceiling tiles, under desks, etc.
  • The class will be divided into groups of five.
  • Within those groups three people will use their IPad's to go around the room searching for the elements.
  • They will take pictures of each element the find. The pictures will be posted to a Padlet wall for each team.
  • As the picture are posted the other two team members will organize them into their proper arrangement determined by the Periodic Table of elements.
  • The links to the completed Padlet Tables will be put a different Padlet wall. 


Padlet Page of Punctual Plans