Elementary Algebra Subsection of the ACT Test

Elementary Algebra Subsection of the ACT Test

Author: Stacey Roshan

At the end of this tutorial, you will understand what kinds of questions to expect when taking the elementary algebra subsection of the ACT test. You will also learn what topics are covered, some formulas to know, and some basic tips of the trade.

This tutorial will explain what kinds of questions students will experience on the elementary algebra portion of the ACT test. It includes topics covered, formulas to know, and some basic tips of the trade.

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Notes on "Elementary Algebra Subsection of the ACT Test"


(0:00-0:14) Introduction
(0:15-0:31) Topics Covered
(0:32-1:02) Difference of Squares
(1:03-2:07) Factoring Quadratic Equations
(2:08-3:03) Understanding Algebraic Expressions
(3:04-4:09) Using Variables to Express Functional Relationships & Understanding Algebraic Operations
(4:10-6:00) FOIL
(6:01-6:08) Recap


There are 10 questions on the elementary subsection of the math section of the ACT exam. This subsection focuses on the following topics:

Properties of exponents
Properties of square roots
Evaluation of algebraic expressions through substitution
Using variables to express functional relationships
Understanding algebraic operations
Factoring quadratic equations

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Concept Review and Formulas to Know

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