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Elementary: Apostle Creed Part 6

Elementary: Apostle Creed Part 6

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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We hope you enjoyed service this morning! This week we will focus on
part 6 of the Apostle's Creed. Help your kids memorize the section with
the activities below. Talk to them about its meaning and why we
believe it. When your kids have learned a portion of the creed please
send us a video shot in landscape (horizontal) to by TOMORROW
so we can add it into the video for the end of the series! Have fun!

Apostle Creed Song

Apostle Creed Cartoon

Object Lesson and Discussion


Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Hymn

Sing with your kids the hymn Nothing But the Blood of Jesus, have a dance party! Help them learn the song, ask them what the they hear in the song that ties back to what they learned about today in the object lesson.


The kids can trace their hand or use paint to create the hand.  Then use red as a symbol of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. You can use phrasing from the hymn or use the phrasing below.