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Elementary: Jesus as our Shepard

Elementary: Jesus as our Shepard

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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Read an discuss

Read John 10:11-15 (Using a physical Bible helps kids learn how to use a Bible, allow the kids to look up the verse or help them)

Discussion Questions:

1. What does a shepherd take care of? (Sheep.)

2. Does a good shepherd lay down (or give) his life for the sheep? (Yes.)

3. What do you think this means? (The good shepherd would risk his or her own life to protect the sheep.)

4. What does a hired hand do when he or she sees the wolf coming? (Runs the other way leaving the sheep behind.)

5. What happens to a flock of sheep if there is no shepherd? (They may be attacked by a wolf and get scattered.)

6. In our Bible story, does the good shepherd know his sheep? (Yes.)

7. Do the sheep know the good shepherd? (Yes.)

8. How are we like sheep? (Allow for answers.)

9. Do we have a good shepherd? (Yes.)

20. Who is our Good Shepherd? (Jesus.)

Video Version of John 10


You will need:
these printouts (see pdf below)


cotton balls

brown paper


To prepare, use the Exacto knife to cut around the shepherd's head, from
shoulder to shoulder. Cut out the lambs. (For this to work as shown,
you must cut out the spaces between the lamb's legs.) Cut brown paper
to resemble a rock, and crumple it for texture.

In class, have the children color the page. Help them glue a small
bottom section of the rock to the coloring page. Give each child half
of a cotton ball. Help them spread the cotton apart and glue it to the
lamb. Review and retell the story together as children move the lamb
from behind the rock, to the shepherd's shoulders.