Elementary Scavenging

Elementary Scavenging

Author: Obadiah Groft

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the Elements of the Periodic table.

The classroom will be divided into group of 4-5 (as far as possible). Each member of the group has an iPad, but each member does not necessarily have to use their own iPad the entire time. In each team, 2-3 members will act as Vultures (flying scavengers with great eyesight) searching around the room for the hidden elements. They will use their iPads for three things: recording a video of their search, snapping a picture of each element found, and then posting that picture to their teams Padlet page. The other two members are the Raccoons (crafty scavengers who problem solve). They will organize the pictures on their Padlet page into the correct order of elements as defined by the Periodic Table of Elements. 

The first team to email me a link of their correctly organized table of elements, wins. 

Then as a full class, we will watch Tom Lehrer's The Elements (song).

Question for the students, "Even though all of the elements were in the room, did they come together on their own, or was energy and thought needed to organize them in a functional way?"


Go home and find at least 5 different elements in common household products and materials. Take a picture of the item, label what element is in it, and post it to your team's Padlet page. 

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The Hunt

Teams of 4-5 will be divided into two roles:

1) 2-3 of your team will be Vultures: using superior eyesight to search the room for the elements. While hunting, you will use your iPad for two things: a. Record a video of your seach.
                  b. Take a picture of each element and post it to your teams Padlet Wall.

2) 2 of the team members will be Racoons: Using wit and cunning to organize the pictures of elements on the Padlet wall into their proper arrangements according the Periodic Table of Elements. Then sending a link of the finished product to my email.

First team to get me their correct Table of Elements, wins!



The Element Song

Tom Lehrer's Elements Song

Think about it:

Did the elements find themselves?

Did they organize themselves on the Padlet Wall?

Was energy and thought required to accomplish these two tasks? 


Before tomorrow, find, photograph, and post to the Padlet Wall six different elements found in common objectices. (Ex: Au/Ag in a wedding ring)