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Elementary: Trust in God

Elementary: Trust in God

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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Spies in the Promise Land


Watch the video or read  Numbers 13

How many spies went into the promise land?

What did they find in the promise land?

What did the 10 spies say about the promise land?

What did Caleb and Joshua say about the promise land?

What did the 10 spies lack?

What was the consequences of not trusting in God for the spies and those who followed their distrust?

Why is it important that we trust in what God tell us to do?

How can trusting in God benefit us?

If we don't trust in what God tells us, who are we relying on? why is this a problem?

In what ways do you trust in God today?

Family Activity: Gods Hands

Follow the link below to a great hands on activity for kids, teaching them the importance of allowing God to guide us.