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Elements of Art

Elements of Art

Author: Priscilla Stevenson

Students will be able to read works of art using the elements of design to interpret their meaning.

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To gain an understanding of the elements of art we will explore the following: 

What the elements of design are.

How the elements of design contribute to a work of art.

How to use the elements of design to interpret the meaning of a work of art.

Complete this four step tutorial and submit a picture of your quiz results in JPG format with your score as verification of work completed. 

What are the Elements of Art?

Find a description for an explanation of the elements of art here, titled: "Defining the Elements."

Review the section, "Defining the Elements" be sure to take notes and explain what the elements of art are. 

Source: ( 2020)

How elements contribute artwork

Watch the video titled "Elements of Art in Famous Artworks." Be sure to take notes and explain how they contribute to one work of art seen in the video.

Source: (Artsy Dork, 2016)

How to use the elements to interpret a work of art.

Read the article titled "The 7 Elements of Art" found here. Be sure to take note on how to analyze and interpret works of art.

Source: (, 2020)