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Author: Jesse Olson

Provide real world examples of kinetic and potential energy
Introduce how to calculate kinetic and potential energy
Discuss the Law of Conservation of Energy and its implications for energy transformations

This packet utilizes an interactive video to teach the concepts of kinetic and potential energy. Examples are given to help the learner differentiate between these types of energy. The mathematical equations for calculating potential and kinetic energy are shown and examples are worked. The Law of Conservation of Energy is introduced and its implications on energy transformations are discussed. The video concludes with an assessment for the learner to check her/his learning.

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This packet has the learning of goal of differentiating between different forms of energy and how ALL energy is related in a system.  If you are wishing to learn about potential and/or kinetic energy, this packet should be of help.

Take your time and do the example problems.  I can't stress this enough in learning new content.  If you have trouble solving problems where solutions are provided, how can you solve problems on tests?

Please let me know if you need any extra assistance.

Source: olson

Energy Transformations

Introduces the content needed to understand energy. Example problems are provided and solutions are also given for the student.

Source: olson