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Energy: Machines, Motion and Light
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Energy: Machines, Motion and Light

Energy: Machines, Motion and Light

Author: Nathan Lampson

This lesson will present how light and motion energy can be used to power machines.

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Energy exists in many different states.  Energy can be transformed from one state to another. Potential energy is energy that is stored and has the potential to become kinetic energy.  Kinetic energy is energy that an object has due to motion.  Energy can be used to do work by being transformed into kinetic energy.  A car that is driving down the road has kinetic energy because it is moving.

Light waves from the sun can be converted into electric energy by a solar panel which can be converted into mechanical energy that powers an electric car.

When wind energy is captured by a windmill it is converted into electric energy which can be used to produce light energy with a light bulb or heat energy with an electric heater.

Solar and wind energy are renewable energy sources that are being used more often because they don't run out or damage the environment.

Energy: Machines, Motion and Light