ENG 122 Final Exam

ENG 122 Final Exam

Author: oleg neceainicu


1. Using “natural language” in a database search is MOST likely to produce WHICH of the following results?
2. An in-text citation for a compilation or edited book would look like:
3. According to Aristotle, the statement with evidence to support it is necessary in all arguments. This statement is called
4. A parent topic is a good starting point for ALL BUT ONE of the following reasons:
5. The reference-page citation format for a book includes the following information in the following order
6. We can expect that the work of research will NOT provide us with which of the following?
7. Which of the following sources is likely NOT useful beyond the information it contains?
8. Identify the correct reference-page citation format for an online journal article
9. Limiting the scope of your research project can involve all of the following, EXCEPT
10. Classic argument is based upon ancient Greek rhetoric and argument
11. Which thesis statement offers a strong position for a persuasive paper?
12. All of the following criteria help writers gauge their interest in a topic, EXCEPT:
13. Facts that are common knowledge that are generally known by many people and can easily be found or referenced need to be documented.
14. Claiming that something is true merely because one believes it to be true is known as
15. Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons?
16. When starting a writing project, researchers should approach their research topic as all of the following EXCEPT:
17. “I always vote with the Republican Party. My beliefs are their beliefs.” This is an example of
18. Which of the following is UNLIKELY to help the reader find BASIC information on a topic?
19. Which of the following makes researchers passive rather than active in the research process?
20. The majority of your research should be conducted
21. The use of precise synonyms is MOST helpful for which of the following reasons?
22. One of the c

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