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ENG 125 Entire Course Introduction to Literature

ENG 125 Entire Course Introduction to Literature

Author: Ramon Burleson

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ECO 203 Entire Course Principles of Macroeconomics

Economics Systems. Discuss how your college education could be considered an investment in human capital. What is the opportunity cost of your degree?

Reference: Chapter 1, section 1.1: Economics and Chapter 2, section 2.1: Limited Resources.

Guided Response: Review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by replying to their posts on how a college education contributes to human capital and the opportunity cost of a degree. Be sure to refer to concepts found in the reading when responding to your classmates.

Role of Government. Economics is the study of how society chooses to allocate its scarce productive resources (labor, capital, land, entrepreneurial talent).

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