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ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems

ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems


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ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems

ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems

ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems

Jack O. Lantern

12345 Main Street

Phoenix, AZ 85001


Objective: To get a job that pays good and lets me advance my careeer.

Work History

1998 – 1999

Computer World.  Desktop Support Specialist.  Los Angeles, California.

My first job out of college was as a Desktop support specialist for Computer World, a computer repair store.  While at Computer World, I installed hardware and software on a lot of different kinds of computers, upgraded memory, defragmented hard drives, backed up people’s data when there hard drives failed, made sure that there computers were running good, and set up people’s e-mail accounts.  I also handled the register when my boss went out to smoke.  My boss yelled at me a lot, so I quit and took a customer support job.


Time Warner Cable TV.  Tier 2 Technical Support Specialist.  Los Angeles, California.

My next job was as a Technical Support Specialist for a Cable TV company.   I handled calls that the first-level support specialists couldn’t handle I helped people reset their cable boxes and program their remote controls.  I also occasionally referred them to sales if they found out their package didn’t have the channels they wanted or if they were mad about there bill I sent them to billing.

2004 -2008

Southwestern Bell.   Broadband Installation Technician.  Los Angeles, California.

I installed broadband service in people’s homes for a couple of years.   I was laid off when the Great Recession hit, and I got evicted from my apartment, so I moved to Arizona.

2010 – 2014

Target.  Retail Associate.   Phoenix, Arizona.

I found a job as a retail associate at Target, where I worked as a cashier, stocker, and customer service associate.


1992 – 1996

Orange County High School.  Graduated with a 2.95 GPA.

1996 – 1998

Orange County Community College.  Obtained Assoc. Degree in Business Management.


I volunteer at a local homeless shelter in Phoenix that helps people get off the streets during the hottest parts of th e day.

I also play piano for church services on Sundays.

I also like to ride my bike.

References Available Upon Request

ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems

ENG 135 WEEK 5 Correcting Résumé Problems