ENG 250 ENG250 Week 3 Middle English Word Origins

ENG 250 ENG250 Week 3 Middle English Word Origins

Author: willi padro


Think about this statement: “The outer history of Middle English established the beginning of a standard form of English, including the origins of key terminology.”
Identify at least 10 words in Present-Day English (PDE) that originated during Middle English (ME).
Write a description of at least 50 words for each word.
List the word in both ME and PDE.
Discuss the origin of the word.
Relate the word as best you can to events that may have influenced its development.
Trace the origins from ME to PDE.
Describe how it is currently used in PDE.
You may wish to consider the following events in your assignment:
The Normandy invasion
The Crusades
The Black Death
The Hundred Years’ War
The invention of the printing press
Format your paper consistent with MLA guidelines.
Note: Students who are not enrolled in the BA in English program may use APA formatting without penalty.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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