ENG 250 ENG250 Week 4 Expository Essay

ENG 250 ENG250 Week 4 Expository Essay

Author: willi padro


Select one of the following readings:
John Locke – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding/Book III
Sir Isaac Newton – Principia (pick a section)
Benjamin Franklin – Poor Richard’s Almanac or his autobiography
Thomas Jefferson – Declaration of Independence
Shakespeare’s soliloquies
Elizabethan Mode of Rhyming (pp. 174–200)
George Cheyne – The English Malady
John Milton – Areopagatica
Spencer’s Fairy Queen
Pilgrim’s Progress
Ann Bradstreet
Cotton Mather
Letters between John and Abigail Adams
Letters between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word expository essay.
Introduce your topic by summarizing what work you chose and why.
Address the following questions:
What events influenced the reading?
How did the changing world view influence this writing?
How is the reading reflective of the changing attributes of Early Modern English (EMnE)?
What are the systematic associations (similarities and differences) between EMnE and Present-Day English (PDE)?
Conclude your essay by analyzing how the cultural and industrial influences of the author and the reading contributed to the advancement of English?
Format your paper consistent with MLA guidelines.
Note: Students who are not enrolled in the BA in English program may use APA formatting without penalty.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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