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ENGL 203 Response Paper 2

ENGL 203 Response Paper 2

Author: Jessica Lee

Students are expected to read an article provided by the teacher,  identify the main idea(s)  of the text, identify two key points that they feel they can respond to,  then write a response to these points.  In general, the short response paper contains an introduction, summary, and a detailed response. The response may include agreement, disagreement, or application of the summarized idea (e.g. to examine consequences or significance within a particular field—see textbook p. 14 for more information).  The response should be justified with specific examples and logical analysis.  Appropriate APA in-text citations should be included.  Word limit is 300 – 350 words (400 - 500 for Honor Students). Marking criteria (rubric) is in Appendix 2

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How to Use This Tutorial

This tutorial serves as supplementary material and review. Feel free to watch all videos or just the ones where you need more instructions. The tutorial contains 5 videos:

  • How to Write an ENGL 203 Response Paper 2
  • Full Summary vs. Short Summary
  • From Thesis Statement to Topic Sentences
  • Formatting
  • Developing Your Response with Critical Reading and Thinking

How to Write an ENGL 203 Response Paper 2

This video provides an overview for the response paper. Make sure to also watch "From Thesis to Topic Sentences" as that video contains important information about your topic sentences.

Handout: Response Paper Sample

This response paper article and sample was used in the video above. Download the sample if you would like to read it more thoroughly.


Full Summary vs. Short Summary

You will need to write a full summary (one paragraph) and a short summary (2-3 sentences in the response paper) for your midterm. Watch this video to clarify how they are different.

From Thesis Statement to Topic Sentences

Do your thesis AND topic sentences have a stance? If not, make sure to watch this video.


Formatting instructions for the ENGL 203 Response Paper 2.

Develop your Response with Critical Reading and Thinking

What does critical reading and thinking mean? How can you apply this to writing your response paper? Watch this video before reading the article for Response Paper 2.