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ENGL 203 Summary Writing

ENGL 203 Summary Writing

Author: Jessica Lee

This is a summary of one article provided by the teacher. This is an in-class assignment. Students are expected to identify the main idea of the text and the key points then rewrite them in their own words and sentence structure, providing APA in-text citation of the source (length of summary is about 35% of the original). The final Summary Paper is worth 10 points. Marking criteria (rubric) is in Appendix 1 of the syllabus.

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How to Use This Tutorial

  1. Watch the youtube video on "How to Write a Summary" by Shaun Macleod.
  2. Read the pages assigned in your textbook, Sourcework.
  3. Read the sample summary article, "Do Mosquitos Love You? Blame Your Parents."
  4. Watch the tutorial video on "How to Write an ENGL 203 Summary"
  5. Take the quiz to check your understanding of summary writing.
  6. Practice writing your own summary with the article "Why More Women Get These Diseases Than Men."
  7. Peer review/self review your practice summary using the attached rubric and answer key.

How to Write a Summary

This video discusses how to write a successful summary in academic English. Students will learn the important do's and don'ts of summary writing and be able to read a text and summarize it more effectively.

ENGL 203 Assigned Reading for Summary Writing

Pages to read in Sourcework:

  • Reading Analysis - pp. 4-5
  • Introduction to Summary - pp. 19-26
  • APA In-Text Citation - pp. 81-84
  • Paraphrasing - pp 6-13

Tutorial Article: "Do Mosquitos Love You? Blame Your Parents"

Download and read the article, "Do Mosquitos Love You? Blame Your Parents" BEFORE viewing the video tutorial on ENGL 203 summary writing. Use the "three techniques for open reading" mentioned in your week 1 reading from your textbook.


ENGL 203 How to Write a Summary

Summary Practice

If you need more practice on summary writing, you can use the article, "Why More Women Get Diseases Than Men."


Answer Key for "Why More Women Get These Diseases Than Men"


ENGL 203 Summary Rubric

Use the summary rubric as a checklist to ensure you have fulfilled all the objectives of summary writing.