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ENGL 203 Term Paper

ENGL 203 Term Paper

Author: Jessica Lee

The paper will be an individual assignment of 1000-1200 words and the topic will be related to the student’s major. Students will develop their own research question and select the paper genre from a range of formats presented. Maximum of 2 quotes permitted (15 words each). The number of sources used should be 4-7; including one peer reviewed article from a scholarly journal and one book or e-book.  All sources must be current within 15 years. Marking criteria (rubric) are in the syllabus. All term papers must be formatted perfectly in APA citation.

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How to Use This Tutorial

This tutorial serves as supplementary material for your ENGL 203 Term Paper. This tutorial contains the following video themes:

  • Searching for Sources
  • APA Citation and Formatting Rules
  • Term Paper Outline
  • Term Paper Progress Check
  • Oral Defense

Searching for Sources

APA Citation and Formatting Sources

Use this video, "APA Format and Citations: Sixth Edition" to help you properly format your paper. Don't forget to set your paper size to A4 paper. Make sure to start a new document with English, not Arabic settings or your teacher will not be able to help you with formatting.

If you need additional resources, visit one of the additional APA citation and formatting sources below.

Term Paper Outline

Progress Check

Oral Defense