English 1 Foreign Words & Phrases (TN)

English 1 Foreign Words & Phrases (TN)

Author: kara porter

SPI 3001.1.16

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Defining foreign words and phrases

SPI 3001.1.16 Identify commonly used foreign words and phrases  --->

use www.wordsmyth.net to write the definition for the following words:

RSVP, déjà vu, faux pas, du jour, bon voyage, alma mater, cum laude, femme fatale, esprit de corps, verbatim, E pluribus unum, prima donna, avant-garde, status quo, joie de vivre, carte blanche, caveat emptor, alpha and omega, tabula rasa, hoi polloi, ad nauseam

English 1 Foreign Words & Phrases pics

Use these pictures to help you rememver the meaning of each word.