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English class

English class


To review the parts of speech in English. 

Parts of speech include:


Proper nouns are names of people, animals, places, objects, they start with capital letters: Malaysia, Moscow, Michael, Milo. 
​Common nouns: count and non-count,

Count nouns: can be in the plural, can be counted, can be in plural, can be used with a/an (indefinite articles): an apple, a table, an arrow. Count nouns use many, more, few, fewer. 

​Non-count nouns: can be specific or abstract: not used with a/an, numerals. Use much, more, little, less. 

Abstract non-count nouns can signify feelings, emotions, ideas, notions: idea, thought, courage, hunger. ​

Specific non-count nouns can be materials, substances: flour, snow, ink, clay. 

NOUNS function as Subjects or Objects. 
Subject: the main role in the sentence, what the sentence is about, the doer of the action. 

Object: the object or person who is experiencing the action. 
Subject: Michael lives in Moscow. 
Object: I will buy bread for lunch. 


Verbs signify actions, mental states, emotions or changes in conditions. 

Walk, jump, create, correspond, become, grow, cook. 

Verbs are the main part of the sentence!

Verbs can be finite or non-finite. 

Finite verbs can be in Past Present or Future: will go, cooked, have been dreaming, had changed

Non-finite verbs: to go, cook

Verbs can be transitive or intransitive. 
Transitive verbs: must have an object: 
Michael is eating a cookie. 

Intransitive verbs do not require an object:
Michael is studying. 


Pronouns replace the noun. Their meaning can be understood from the preceding sentence or context (background).

They can be a Subject:
He is eating a cookie. 
I like this book. 

Or an object: 
Marry likes him

They can describe objects: 
John wrote all his songs


Adjectives describe (modify) nouns. 

Andy is a serious guy
Rita cooks a special cake for the children


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