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Environmentally Friendly Burial Options You Can Choose From

Environmentally Friendly Burial Options You Can Choose From

Author: Billy Gun

As the world around us continues to change due to the impact humans have on it, the discussion of green and eco-friendly burials has taken center stage. For those looking to get buried in an environmentally-conscious manner, it’s important to assess the overall potential carbon footprint of what you’ll be buried in. There is a range of different material you can be buried in, depending on whether you choose to be laid to rest in a coffin, shroud, or be cremated.

For instance, take biodegradable burial containers such as a woven willow casket. You can review where and how it was made and what process was used to manufacture it. Another low carbon footprint option is a minimal pine box that contains no varnish or metal, has minimal glue, and is manufactured in your area with locally harvested wood.

For those who prefer to make their own container, it’s best to first speak with your local funeral home’s director as they will tell you what is acceptable. You have to ensure that whatever you choose, it should be able to fit in the cremation unit or grave. Caskets and containers can be personalized or embellished with drawings, paint, and more. If you want to be eco-friendly, make sure that any decorations or paint used is biodegradable. Now let’s take a look at some other choices for green natural burials.

Cardboard Casket

Cardboard is a popular option that can be used as a container or casket, especially for those who prefer to be cremated. In addition, it can mean a lot for family and loved ones of the deceased to come together to decorate the casket. It’s a great way to remember the deceased and pay your final respects. We advise you to double check the weight guidelines for the cardboard container or casket as it is built to support a certain amount of weight. Some crematoriums, burial grounds, or cemeteries may not allow cardboard caskets, or will ask you to use rigid board.

Minimal Wooden Casket

If you’re more traditional and want to be buried in a wooden casket, yet still are environmentally conscious, a simple casket or coffin can be used. It should be made of wood, and without any varnish or metal if it is to be considered eco-friendly and accepted at specified green burial grounds. The inside of the casket must also be made of natural materials, while the fabric should be unbleached. As for bedding, one can use straw, fiber, cotton, or wool. A plain wooden casket can be decorated and painted to leave a personalized touch.

Woven Casket

Woven caskets are usually made of wicker, bamboo, or willow. In some instances, all of these items might be used to manufacture a woven casket. To add another eco-friendly aspect to it, you can use other natural materials such as seagrass to decorate and heighten the casket’s design. Other decorative weaving material ideas include banana leaves and sugar cane.

Keep these natural casket ideas in mind if you’re opting for an eco-friendly burial.

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