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Envisioning the Risk Management Program

Envisioning the Risk Management Program

Author: Capella Healthcare

Envisioning the Risk Management Program

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn about risk management programs and plans. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Risk Management Program
  2. Sample Risk Management Plans

1. Risk Management Program

The systematic effort to reduce risk begins with a formal, written risk management program or plan that does the following:

  • Declares the organization’s goals
  • Describes the program’s scope, components, and methods
  • Delegates responsibility for implementation and enforcement
  • Demonstrates leadership commitment
  • Delivers a guarantee of confidentiality and immunity from retaliation for staff members who report sensitive information

2. Sample Risk Management Plans

Visit the websites below for examples of risk management plans:

These resources are also listed in the summary at the end of this course.

Authored by Cindy Ebner, MSN, RN, CPHRM, FASHRM