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Enzyme’s activity might get influenced owing to several factors such as; pH, temperatureetc. How pH affects the action of enzyme it may be understood through addition of acid and base(in the form of food) in reaction mixture or by encouraging direct reaction between enzyme andfood stuff (Eswar et al., 2008).ObjectiveRecognition of impact of low pH on the activity of enzyme.Material RequiredYeast, H2O2, Fresh meat (fish) means; acidic food, Fresh vegetable (potato) means;alkaline food, Scaled Beaker and Dropper and so on.HypothesisLow pH can affect enzyme’s activity.Hypothesis TestingCatalase enzyme reacts on its substrate in the following manner:H2O2 = H2O+1/2O2↑If pH could affect the activity of an enzyme then any transformation introduced in itmight influence the level of oxygen too therefore; the procedure related with creation of bubblemight get affected as well because, it depends on oxygen’s level.MethodThe experiment was performed in the following way: Reaction of yeast was promoted onHydrogen peroxide in the presence of food. Here we need to include both types of food means;acidic and alkaline with the intention that, impact of acidic as well as basic both types of pH onenzyme’s action might be scrutinized. Owing to catalase (present in yeast), oxygen gas wasreleased from H2O2 in the form of bubbles. Now, by measurement of level of bubbles, enzyme’saction on food items could be observed effortlessly. Here are the details of protocol followed byme:1. 1 cm. cube of meat was added in to a 100 ml graduated cylinder.2. Addition of 2cm3 of yeast (a source of catalase enzyme) was also done into the samecylinder.3. Then I introduced 2 ml. of Hydrogen peroxide into a boiling tube.4. Cylinder and boiling tube both were kept in the water bath at 250C.5. Afterwards, I poured Hydrogen peroxide from boiling tube into the cylinder.6. Further, I noted the volume (initial volume) of fluid present in the cylinder in animmediate mode and recorded the same.7. After 2 minutes again I noted the volume (final volume) and recorded it.8. Initial volume was subtracted from final volume so that, an idea about the volume offoam could be gained.9. Further, I repeated the same procedure by replacing the acidic food from alkaline one(1 cm. cube of potato).10. On the basis of data obtained from above experiment, I prepared a table and graph thathave been presented below.ResultCollection of DataCollection of data can be done with the help of graduated cylinder.Table 1: Effect of acidic and basic conditions on Enzyme’s activityTube

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