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Episodio 2, Grupo C

Episodio 2, Grupo C

Author: Bonnie Smithers

Evidence comprehension of the video by listening the key vocabulary. 

This tutorial is designed to give you practice in the key vocabulary words, "se duerme", "está cansado", and "otra vez".  If you complete the whole tutorial, you will easily comprehend the short readings that follow this lesson.   

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Vocabulario Clave

se duerme - he/she falls asleep 

Note:  "duerme" means he/she sleeps.  You probably have wondered why some verbs have the word "se".  It is difficult to define, but think of it as "oneself, herself, or himself".  Here are two others that we have learned:  

se llama - he/she calls himself/herself

se despierta - he/she wakes herself/himself


está cansado, está cansada - he is tired, she is tired


otra vez - again (or literally "another time")


Homework Instructions for watching video

Print out this page if you didn't get one in class.  

1.  On the lines below, write the three vocabulary words.  

2.  Watch the video and listen for the vocabulary words.

3.  Then watch the video again and make check marks next to the word each time you hear that word.  You may have to listen to it several times to get them all.

4.  Bring your paper to class on Friday.

________________________________________ ____________________________________________

_______________________________________  _____________________________________________

_______________________________________  _____________________________________________


Sr. Bean se duerme

Sr. Bean está cansado. Por eso se duerme. Se despierta por un momento, pero otra vez se duerme. Por fin, Sr. Bean abre los ojos con los dedos y ya no se duerme.

Source: You Tube

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