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Equation Application: Butterfly Migration

Equation Application: Butterfly Migration

Author: Dezirah Gowdy

By the end of this lesson students will utilize their understanding of basic algebraic equations to write a simple equation from a situational problem and solve the problem using multiple representations (algebraically, tabular, graphical, and written). Students will also be able to complete basic research to find data and apply that data in a modeling situation on the migration of the Monarch Butterfly. Students will also focus on communicating their findings in written form.

Students will apply their abilities to solve simple equations to a situational problem regarding butterfly migration, by researching the butterfly and its migration habits, and submitting the google doc with their findings.

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Monarch Butterfly Migration Activity

Watch the following videos:

Life - Monarch Butterfly Winter Migration

Discovery Life video on Monarch Winter Migration

Source: Discovery

Long Journey Home

New York Times video on Monarch Butterfly Migration

Source: New York Times

Research The Migration

Go to the following site in a new window to research how far monarchs fly from California to Mexico and how far they fly on average a day while migrating.


Source: Monarch Watch


Complete the following forms as well as your graphs and send to Ms. Gowdy.

Source: Created by Dezirah Gowdy with Google Drive